The boys basketball of Adel-DeSoto-Minburn Tigers team host the Perry Bluejays on Friday, Jan. 27. The Bluejays took home a 51-41 over the Tigers.

The Bluejays took the lead right from the beginning. Kyle Nevitt had the first three pointer followed by a field goal from Janier Puente. The Bluejays even had the first two fouls called against them, but neither gave out any free throws.

The next two points for the Bluejays were from Connor Nielsen, who dunked and put the score at 7-0.

The Tigers stopped the streak with two three pointers, just to be followed by another field goal for the Bluejays.

The three pointers were the only two hoops of the quarter for the Tigers as the Bluejays continued to score. Rashon Ivory, Puente and Nevitt scored a field goal each for the Bluejays before the quarter was over. The first quarter ended with the Bluejays leading 15-6.

The second quarter was uneventful for both team. Neither scored until halfway through the quarter, but it was the Bluejays to score first.

Puente scored this basket for the Bluejays. The quarter continued and finally Payton Conrad shot and scored another field goal for the Tigers. Both of these field goals ended up being the only four points scored the entire quarter, putting the score at 19-10 at half.

Conrad began the third quarter with four points for the Tigers. He also had the first foul of the half called on him.

Conrad fouled Puente, which allowed him to shoot two free throws that we was able to make.

When on the defensive end, Puente had a foul called against him, but no free throws were given. The Bluejays managed to gain the possession and Nevitt scored two field goals in a row. The score was now 26-14. Nevitt became the leading scorer of the night for the Bluejays.

The Tigers started to come back when Sam McCartney scored two back-to-back three pointers. The Tigers were now down just six points (26-20).

Unfortunately for the Tigers, this didn't last long as the clock ticked on the gap only widened. Eventually the scoreboard read 34-22.

With two field goals by Ivory for the Bluejays and only one for the Tigers by Larson, the quarter ended 38-24.

Cole Knoll started out the final quarter for the Tigers with a field goal, just to be followed by another for the Bluejays by Nevitt. Tiger Tajen Ross then scored two more points to try to catch up, only to have Puente scored four. The Bluejays kept a strong lead at 45-28.

By the middle of the quarter, both teams hadn't scored much, but the Tigers were still down 16 points.

Conrad scored another three pointer for the Tigers to put the score at 47-34. Conrad was the leading scorer for the Tigers for the night.

The next two points for the Bluejays was a shot-foul combination. Ivory scored a field goal while being fouled by McCartney, Ivory did not make his free throw.

Ross then made a three pointer for the Tigers, only to have a foul called against the Tigers allowing Nevitt to make two free throws. Knoll ended the quarter with a field goal to put the Tigers only ten points behind. The Bluejays won 51-41.

The Bluejays next game is on Tuesday, Jan 31 in Winterset at 7:30 p.m.