To the editor:

I read with interest the Chef’s article discussing our City Hall happenings

The topic of hiring an assistant city administrator was of particular interest to me.

I fully understand the need to post the position properly, explore the fiscal implications of hiring a new position and job experience.

I also understand that we need to support our young citizens who are willing to bring their skills and education back home to continue to make our community a thriving, viable city.

When we welcome them back home, they join our rec center, country club, shop in our grocery stores, eat in our restaurants and support our school district.

Our citizens need to support them in return. These young adults have endless opportunities and yet are willing to come home and serve here. I am able to speak from personal experience.

I have been very happy to see many of our young people choose to call Perry home. Make a mental list of all the young people you know who have moved back to Perry. I see a positive trend here. Let’s support them all by supporting their ventures and letting them know that we are happy they are here.

Julie Klise