Did You Know… the name of this jewelry store or its location in Perry? This an inside photo of Milliken and Major Jewelers. This building at 1213 2nd St. was home to a jewelry store since 1915. Reid Jewelers started in 1915, Milliken and Major took over from 1920 until 1960. Bacon Jewelers then carried on the tradition until a fire forced their closing. Perry has been home to many jewelry stores over time. Some that come to mind are Guinn’s, McKee’s and Conklin’s Jewelers. It seems strange not to have a jewelry store, when not that many years ago, we had three open at the same time. I will be making a trip to Boone to visit my friends at Bacon’s store there. I lost my wedding ring last fall and want to get a new one from people I know.

Keep an eye on this location and its neighboring store for new additions to Perry’s downtown.

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Did You Know… where this photo from 1957 was taken, and why were they set up in the street?