My name is Sierra Newton and I am a junior at Perry High School. I have been involved with shop classes since middle school and it has changed my life in so many ways. As a 6th grader, I attended a TSA meeting to report back to my class what it was all about. That was the first time I met Mr. Cornelius and Mr. Steva. These two men accepted all of their students with open arms and pushed us to strive for our best in every class and every competition.

I have gone to TSA State Competitions every year since 2014 and have placed multiple times. The feeling that overcame me when I saw my name come up on the screen when I placed was overwhelming, but I knew that all those long nights in the shop preparing for the competition were worth it. All the extra money I put into my projects because the shop just couldn’t offer everything we needed was worth it. Going through the rest of middle school and being able to take shop classes in 8th grade has definitely taught me that I have to strive for what I want. When I got to high school, I also joined SkillsUSA and made it to State and National competitions for various events.

The problem is that we have never had enough room for all the students to be working simultaneously and we lack the equipment for everyone to use when trying to achieve these goals for TSA, SkillsUSA, State and National Competitions. All of the Perry TSA and Skills students from the past and present would agree that we work very hard not only for ourselves but also to represent our school, and we do an excellent job.

All students and staff at Perry High and Middle Schools will benefit from a bigger shop. It will give the students more opportunities to follow their dreams and get the hands-on learning that will prepare them for what’s in the future. Let us have the opportunity to work together in one setting instead of having to take turns because we don’t have enough equipment or space. Let us have the opportunity to send more people to the State and National competitions and to experience that electric atmosphere.

Vote YES on February 5th.

Thank You,

Sierra Newton