Dear Editor,

Vote YES on February 5th for the $6.5 million referendum!

The sport of wrestling has taught me many life lessons. Wrestling cultivates discipline, mental toughness, a competitive spirit and a drive to succeed. These qualities are forever instilled in me and have sharpened me in all areas of my personal and professional life.

With this new shift and the popularity of girls participating in the great sport of wrestling we must update our facilities. The current facility set up is not ideal for the coaches or athletes. There is no privacy among the coaches, boys and girls. There is only one set of bathrooms and showers within the locker room which is not ideal for anyone involved.

The industrial technology department would greatly benefit from this project as well. If this project got funded, it would allow students to be excited about signing up for shop classes and joining after school clubs. Not only would these shop classes provide an excellent curriculum but the students would learn skills that would help them in all areas of life.

One of my favorite quotes can be applied for this entire project.

“Unless you continually work, evolve, and innovate, you’ll learn a quick and painful lesson from someone who has.” - Cael Sanderson, 4X Undefeated National Champ at Iowa State University and U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist

Please vote YES on February 5th to positively change lives of our youth!

Kane Seeley

2012 Graduate of Perry High School