There is a website with free information for new and future parents called Baby Box University. The goal of the website is to provide support, and health and safety information in a convenient way, free of charge.

The format of Baby Box University is a wide selection of very short videos (one to four minutes.) Topics include everything from selecting a car seat to breastfeeding to maternal mental health. The suggested activities with infants promote healthy physical, emotional, and intellectual development.

Besides being a source of information, this website offers a free baby box. What is the world is a baby box? It’s a research-based idea, over 40 years old that is just catching on here in the US. In order to encourage parents to put their babies to sleep safely, free baby boxes are shipped to families who don’t have a crib for their newborn. A baby box is sturdy cardboard, equipped with a pad (with a fitted sheet) that can be used for the first weeks of life. How do you get a baby box? Go to, register and take a short quiz after watching some of the brief videos.

Be aware there are look-alike websites that sell baby boxes.