If you are the main person caring for another adult who is age 60 or older, the Iowa Family Caregiver program might be able to help you with this important job. Others who can receive help are adults at least 55 years old who are the main caregiver of minor grandchildren, and adults at least 55 who care for a disabled person of any age.

What is meant by “help” from the Iowa Family Caregiver program? Funding may be available for respite care (short term stays in a nursing home, or in-home professional care for a short period.) Respite can be used to provide the usual caregiver a break, or while the usual caregiver needs to be away due to a health need or other business.

The Family Caregiver program may also fund adult day care, personal alert systems (“Lifeline” buttons to wear) or other needed services, such as helping you check if the dependent person’s Medicare Part B will cover any necessary home health care and medical equipment.

How do you connect with this program? Call Health Navigation at Dallas County Public Health at 515-993-3750. Or go to www.i4a.org/about-i4a/service-programs/iowa-family-caregiver/default.aspx. It’s worth checking.