New Hope Village’s Perry Bargain Shoppe, 1010 26th St., has re-opened after being closed to take inventory and do an internal investigation in late May.

The Perry store is one of four thrift outlets that raise money for New Hope Village, a non-profit organization started in 1977. New Hope operates a housing facility for the disabled in Carroll. The other stores are in Carroll, Coon Rapids and Manning. The Perry branch has been open for about six years.

On May 17, a New Hope official requested a police officer accompany her to the thrift shop while she collected keys from the employees and locked the doors. When the store closed, Rhonda Mart, New Hope executive director, said there would be a thorough investigation and inventory, as well as some renovation, before the store reopened.

In a statement sent this week, she said, "New Hope has thoroughly reviewed the events that led to the taking of inventory and has determined that policies and procedures were followed. Our Perry store has reopened after recent repairs and our Perry staff has returned to store operations. We appreciate the ongoing support we have had from the Perry community." Perry Police Chief Dan Brickner confirmed that no complaints have been lodged with the department in regard to the New Hope Village. Since that time the store, which was closed for about two weeks, opened again briefly, then closed again when they discovered water damage from recent storms, said Jodi Janson, director of development with New Hope.

"We have only recently opened back up," she said. Janson would not say whether all the employees have returned to the shop, but at least some of them have. Janson said it takes two people a day to operate the shop. "Currently, some people from the Carroll operation are coming to Perry to help out." The Perry Bargain Shoppe is now operating Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

"We continue to gladly accept your clean quality donations to the Perry Bargain Shoppe during store hours. The store is still be undergoing repairs and remodeling from the water damage we sustained during the recent storms," Janson said.

She said the store has been rearranged to provide additional space for furniture sales. "We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience as we continue with repairs. We welcome you to stop in," Janson said.