Iowa’s cancer-control partners, such as the Iowa Cancer Consortium, the American Cancer Society and the Iowa Department of Public Health, are working together to make it easier for their partners and the public to communicate about important cancer-related issues.

These organizations and other contributors are jointly releasing prewritten messages and images that can be used on social media, in newsletters and on websites to share accurate and important information about current cancer awareness topics, including Iowa-specific information.

The messages are appropriate for individual, business. and organizational social media accounts and other forms of communication.

They are downloadable in a Word document so that individual pieces can be copied and pasted directly into various communications tools.

Facebook-ready images are also downloadable through the message sets.

The messages are available to anyone, and may be edited and shared freely. The coordinating organizations hope that making such a tool available broadly will encourage sharing of accurate information that can help the public be informed and take action to reduce the burden of cancer in Iowa.

January is Radon Action Month and Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. Download a message set for these awareness topics at