Help is available to help you pay your winter heating bills. Applications are still being taken at the Perry Food Bank for the 2013-2014 Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

The purpose of the program is to help low-income Iowa homeowners and renters pay for part of their primary heating costs. The program is funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services through the Iowa Department of Human Rights’ Division of Community Action Agencies.

New Opportunities, the Dallas County Family Development Center at 2814 1st Ave. in Perry, administers the heating-bill help in Dallas County. New Opportunities will accept applications through April 30, 2014. In order to find out if you qualify, you will need to furnish a Social Security card or I94 card, a copy of your most recent heating and electric bill and proof of all household members’ gross income for the past three months or for the past calendar year.

The program is designed as supplemental assistance. It will not pay your whole heating bill. The amount of help you get depends on the size and type of household you live in, the kind of heating fuel you use, your total household income and other things.

Eligibility for participation is based on the following federal income guidelines:

Income Maximums


Size Three-month Annual

Gross Income Gross Income

1 $ 4,309 $ 17,235

2 $ 5,816 $ 23,265

3 $ 7,324 $ 29,295

4 $ 8,831 $ 35,325

5 $ 10,339 $ 41,355

6 $ 11,846 $ 47,385

For households with more than six members, add $1,508 / $6,030 for each additional member.

* Medical Waiver: Households over LIHEAP regular income guidelines may still be eligible for LIHEAP benefits through our medical waiver component. Medical expenses must be documented, paid and non-reimbursable. For more information, contact New Opportunities, Inc./Dallas County Family Development Center, 2814 1st Ave., Perry, Iowa 50020. Phone: 515-465-5185