By Allison McNeal

Dallas County News editor

and Sarah Nelson

Contributing reporter

Voters in Dallas County will decide on Tuesday, Nov. 5 whether to return their mayors and other city officials to office.

Mayors running uncontested for re-election include Adel Mayor Jim Peters, Dallas Center Mayor Mitch Hambleton, Dawson Mayor Breanna Morman, De Soto Mayor Nicholas Hasty, Linden Mayor Dave Hutchins, Minburn Mayor Michael Pace, Perry Mayor Jay Pattee and Redfield Mayor Darci Alt.

Two county mayors who are not listed on the ballot for re-election include Bouton Mayor Tim Hudspeth and Granger Mayor Tom Schenk, who has served for 12 years.

However, Granger’s Mayor Pro Tem Cathy Fuson is hoping to continue Schenk’s legacy if elected mayor.

"I think Tom has done a very good job with our city and our time on council and mayor," Fuson said. "I have some pretty big shoes to fill. I don’t foresee wanting to change things, but I definitely want to focus on growth and making right decisions."

County residents will also vote for open city council seats, including two spots in Adel.

Newcomer Rebecca Hilmer will vie for one of two open seats against incumbents Jon McAvoy, who has served on the council for 24 years, and Dale Swanson.

McAvoy said if he is re-elected he would like to contribute to Adel’s economic development and "work on keeping county offices in the historic downtown area."

All four of the candidates in Bouton’s city council election are running for re-election. Jon Bever, Arlene Greiner, Camilla McCain and Linda Neville all currently serve on the Bouton city council. Because there are five seats, there will be one seat empty for a write-in elect. Sean Averill is the only current council member not running for re-election.

Michael Kidd and Daniel Willrich are both looking to fill open council seats in the City of Dallas Center. Heidi Carter and Ryan Kluss are also running for re-election but only for a two -year term to fill a vacancy.

Dawson residents will have the opportunity to vote for Willard Brown, Glenda Hiddleson, Dan Hupp, Clarence Morman and Michael Owens for five open council seats.

Jay Button and Kenneth Brant are running for the two open seats in DeSoto’s city council elections. Button is running for re-election against newcomer Brant. The only candidate for a two -year vacancy is Steve Cox, who is already on the council and seeks re-election as well.

In Dexter all three of the council members are running for re-election. David Minturn, Jim Pivonka and Dixie Simpson hope to hold their spots on the council. However, newcomers Donald Craig Carrick and Ray Clayton hope to land two of the seats. Tawnee Eckhart and Gregg Wahmann are running against one another for a two-year spot to fill a vacancy.

Two of Granger’s city council members are running for re-election. Robert Herrold and Scott Smyth seek two seats, and newcomer Mike Backous is running for a two-year term to fill a vacancy.

June Rector and Ken Smith are vying for two open Linden city council seats.

Minburn voters will choose up to three individuals, including Phyllis Moss and GayLynn Stajcar, for council seats. A third spot will be taken by a write-in candidate.

Perry’s at-large council chair will be filled by a newcomer. Jenny Eklund is not seeking re-election, so newcomers Brandon Soll and John Adnorf are competing for Perry’s single at-large seat.

Experienced councilpersons Pam Danielson and Heather Godwin-Pote are running for re-election in Redfield’s council elections.

All three of Van Meter’s council seats will be filled with newcomers as none of the current members seek re-election. Six candidates— Andrew Kendall, Chris Knoll, Michael Peterson, John Seefeld, Owen Stump and Elizabeth Tweed — are competing for Van Meter’s three seats.

Mike Watts and Shane Blanchard are both running for re-election in Waukee’s upcoming council elections. They will be running against Chet Chedester, Brian Harrison and Rick Peterson. If elected, Chedester would not be a newcomer to the Waukee Council. He served as mayor of Waukee in the early 1990s. These five candidates will all be competing for only three seats.

Craig DeHoet, Richard Hartwig and Paul Thompson seek re-election to Woodward’s city council. All three currently serve on the council, and all are competing for three empty seats.

Polling locations will be open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m.:

Adel: Adel Public Library, 202 S. 10th St.

Bouton: Bouton Community Center, 110 E. 1st St.

Dallas Center: First Presbyterian Church, 1204 13th St.

Dawson: Dawson Community Building, 208 S. 1st St.

De Soto: De Soto City Hall, 205 Walnut St.

Dexter: Zion Lutheran Church, 209 Marshall St.

Granger: Emmanuel United Methodist Church, 1910 Locust St.

Linden: Linden Lion’s Club, 104 Polk St.

Minburn: United Methodist Church, 705 Chestnut St.

Perry: Perry Public Library, 1101 Willis Ave.

Redfield: Redfield American Legion, 1116 Thomas St.

Van Meter: United Methodist Church, 100 Hazel St.

Waukee 1: Immanuel Lutheran Church, 900 Warrior Ln.

Waukee 2: Waukee YMCA, 210 N. Warrior Ln.

Waukee 3: Waukee Public Works Building, 805 University Ave.

Waukee 4: Westview Church, 1155 SE Boone Dr.

Waukee 5: St. Boniface Church, 1200 Warrior Ln.

Waukee 6: Waukee School Administration Building, 560 SE University Ave.

Woodward: United Methodist Church, 108 W. 5th St.

Voters unable to enter a polling place should email