A revised energy-savings plan will be resubmitted for a low-interest loan from the Iowa Energy Bank, following approval by the Perry City Council at its Monday night meeting.

Two council members – Jenny Ecklund and Barb Wolling were not present.

The original plan submitted to the Iowa Energy Bank from Perry was larger in scope. However, before Perry could receive the loan, a change was made in oversight of the program at the state level.

Now, Kaley Bangstan with the Iowa Economic Development Authority has asked Perry for some additional documents to begin moving the application forward.

In her letter she noted, "We are revising the loan agreement process this week and will move forward as soon as we can." The new energy management plan has an estimated total of $380,961 with a projected savings of $490,805 over 15 years. Significant changes were made from the original plan. The new plan drops changes to lighting on Willis Avenue which had become controversial and were not popular with most council members. Also dropped from the project were the wind turbine plans and all the projects for the Water Works, as well as a solar panel project for the Farmer’s market building. Projects remaining on the plan are other street lights in the downtown area, McCreary parking lot lighting, Library exterior lighting, wastewater treatment plant lighting, recycling lighting, public works lighting, Brownfield lighting, and heating and cooling upgrades at the Public Safety building.

Because some of the lighting has been removed from the project, the remaining lighting work will have to be reviewed and approved as a way of showing a 20 percent minimum energy efficiency required, explained City Administrator Butch Niebuhr.

Although the solar panel project was taken from the IEAD loan package for approval, the money for that project will be derived from another city budget source.

The City Council also approved a $2.2 million of which $1.75 million is for financing construction improvements to streets, and related utilities, bridges and the Perry Municipal Airport. This also includes the purchase of equipment for the fire truck. The remaining $450,000 is for reconstruction of the parking lot at the McCreary Community Building.

Repairs to the parking lot over the past few years have not stayed in place. The parking lot construction planned will help take care of underlying issues which have caused the huge cracks and potholes.