DES MOINES - Today, the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) has been notified of 349 additional positive cases for a total of 5,868 positive cases. There have been an additional 1,668 negative tests for a total of 32,282 negative tests to date, which includes testing reported by the State Hygienic Lab and other labs. The number of positive cases will continue to grow as Test Iowa sites open and additional surveillance testing of large businesses and nursing home staff continues.  

An additional 10 COVID-19 cases were reported in Dallas County. The number brings the total case count to 179, with 816 tested and 54 recovered.

According to IDPH, an additional 9 deaths were also reported, 300 are currently hospitalized, and 2,021 Iowans have recovered. At this time, 1 in 82 Iowans have already been tested. 

According to IDPH the additional 9 deaths were reported in the following counties:

Black Hawk County, 2 older adults (61-80 years)  Bremer County, 1 elderly adult (81+)  Dubuque County, 1 older adult (61-80 years)  Polk County, 3 elderly adults (81+)  Poweshiek County, 1 elderly adult (81+)  Washington County,  1 elderly adult (81+) 

NOTE:  Yesterday’s new case numbers reported a small number of serology test results along with diagnostic test results. The positive serology test results have been removed and today’s new case numbers are updated to reflect this change.

The state of Iowa has released an updated dashboard on that will be updated daily to include comprehensive tracking of COVID-19 in Iowa. The new dashboard includes cases, deaths, and tests conducted in each county. The state is now providing demographic information that was not previously provided as well as Iowa’s epidemiological curve. 

Gov. Kim Reynolds also signed a new proclamation during a press conference on Monday, April 27 continuing the State Public Health Emergency Declaration until May 27, 2020. The proclamation loosens social distancing measures in 77 Iowa counties effective Friday, May 1 and continues other restrictions until 11:50 p.m. on Friday, May 15, 2020. 

In the 77 counties, the proclamation permits restaurants, fitness centers, malls, libraries, race tracks, and certain other retail establishments to reopen in a limited fashion with public health measures in place. In addition, the proclamation lifts the restriction on religious and spiritual gatherings so long as churches and other gathering hosts implement reasonable public health measures. All other regulatory relief previously provided to affected Iowans is also extended until Wednesday, May 27, 2020.

Dallas County is one of 22 counties excluded from the loosened social distancing measures.