Dallas County GIS has developed a new dashboard containing current county data and resources including case counts; county, state, and national information sources; childcare and food program maps; and, social streams from reliable county sources. The data dashboard is accessible on the Dallas County Health Department COVID-19 webpage.

Dallas County Health Department continues to emphasize the need for everyone to wash hands frequently, cover coughs and sneezes and stay home as much as possible. These are actions that everyone can practice to help reduce the spread of the virus.

Residents should be practicing physical distancing by limiting time outside the home and keeping 6+ feet away from those outside their household. When completing essential tasks, such as grocery shopping, consider these recommendations:Send one member per household to complete the taskMaintain a 6+ foot distance from others. Try to keep a two cart gap between you and other shoppers. Don’t stand right next to the other people in line; leave some space.Consider calling ahead or ordering online to limit in person interactions with others.Limit the number of trips and locations you visit. Try to shop for two weeks at a time.

Dallas County Health Department also reminds residents to seek credible information sources when sharing COVID-19 news and updates. The following resources are credible websites and social media accounts to follow for up-to-date information:Dallas County Health DepartmentIowa Department of Public HealthGov. Kim ReynoldsCenters for Disease Control and Prevention