Three art installations were dedicated at the Perry Public Library on Sunday, Nov. 10 during Art on the Prairie.

FRAMED QUILT SQUARES Art of the Underground Railroad.

Members of the Perry Piecemakers Quilt Guild created 25 quilt squares for the library’s large meeting room. The squares reflect images used by early American quilters and members of the underground railroad as a way to secretly communicate with runaway slaves, said quilter Pat Mundy.


“Free Spirit,” a sculpture in the foyer of the Perry Public Library was commissioned by the family of the late Lorraine Winger. A flock of 41 glass cranes, created by Mary Rose Nichols and Jenny Eklund, descend in a spiral from a pergola, created by Doug Nichols and Brad Kiefer.

Library director Mary Murphy’s idea for the art came from the children’s book, “Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes,” the story of a Hiroshima bombing victim’s life of courage and her longing for peace.

The art and its story resonated with Lorraine’s family, said Mary Rose Nichols. “It’s titled ‘Free Sprit’ because it looks like a flock of birds in flight because they are free. And Lorraine Winger was a free spirit.”


As a memorial to the late Richard Ehlers, Betsy Peterson created a wooden frame in the children’s area that references her book, “The Orphans and the Oak.”