Frio will likely still serve ice cream, though Tom Maxwell said it will now be under a new owner.

Maxwell, the owner of Hotel Pattee, said Frio was sold to Jose Calderon, who operates El Tren in Caboose Park. The sale was official Nov. 4.

The decision to sell the business comes as it required “a lot of manpower and a lot of time,” Maxwell said. While Jenny Eklund ran Frio over the past summer, he said it was going to be harder to keep the business going.

He started looking for a buyer for the ice cream shop.

“We brought Frio here to town and I just wanted to make sure it was able to be maintained and be available for the people of the community,” Maxwell said. “Finding the next buyer was very important to be able to maintain Frio.”

He added that Calderon and his family were the perfect fit for the business. Maxwell said Calderon indicated he would maintain Frio as an ice cream shop. Calderon may also look at making modifications to the building to serve Mexican food in addition to ice cream, Maxwell said.

Frio, located at 1114 1st Ave. in Perry, opened in August 2018 under Maxwell Properties.

“We loved it, it was so much fun to see the kids’ faces light up when they walk in,” Maxwell said of the business. “It was definitely something that we were excited we did, but it’s also a perfect time to let (Calderon’s) family take it on and move it forward.”