Employees with the City of Perry were honored during the annual Safety and Employee Appreciation Day on Wednesday, Oct. 30 inside the Perry Police Department Sally Port.

Names of all city employees were read, along with their years of service. Those celebrating 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 35 years of service received certificates.

Those recognized for five years of service include Josh Moore, police department; Josh Sienkiewicz, police department; Travis Murphy, fire department; Kimberly Laws, fire department; Isrrael Baltazar, fire department; Deanna Eiteman, fire department; Dolores Cornejo Vazquez, maintenance; Aimee Bane, fire department; Becky Halling, recreation and Denise Jackson, library.

Those with 10 years of service include Andrew Modlin, fire department; Matthew Hix, fire department and Charles Schott, city council.

Justin Loyd, water department, and Marcus Carris, water board, were both recogized for 15 years of service.

Those recognized with 20 years of service include Richard Steadman, cemetery; Jack Butler, street department; Paul South, maintenance and David Gliem, WPCF.

Grason Hill and Kevin McLaughlin were recognized for 25 and 30 years of service with the fire department respectively. Chris Hinds was recognized for 35 years of service.

Employees listened to a presentation from Auby Ninemire about emergency preparedness and their response to the Pella tornado before eating a catered lunch.