Bed sheets and spiderwebs hang on one wall inside the assisted living side of Rowley Masonic Community. A dead body lays in front of the sheets, while a giant spider hangs from the wall in the cafeteria.

The props, all created by residents and staff members, are all part of Rowley’s haunted house. The second-annual event will be held from 5-7 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 31. Attendees are asked to use the east entrance at Rowley Masonic Community, 1300 28th St.

Assisted Living Nurse Teresa Painter said the residents have been hard at work since August.

“This has been our creation central,” Painter said while gesturing to a room filled with various haunted house props.

Staff members have helped to make bats, fake blood for the walls and other items. Painter added that Perry High School students also helped set up the spiderwebs and other items during Volunteer Day.

Rowley residents have been creating toilet paper monsters that will line the halls, tombstones for the graveyard, various dummies and more.

“Aren’t they the coolest? This is their favorite of all of their projects,” Painter added while holding up a pair of tape hands for the graveyard.

The residents also helped stuff various boxes and soda bottles into a black garbage bag to form the dead body for the photo booth area.

“I think the part that we like the most is that we made it,” Painter said of the haunted house items.

The haunted house, she added, is geared for the younger kids, ages 3-9. Chalk art will be available outside. Kids can pose for photos with their families at the photo booth area, or create a puppet show for their parents. Rowley residents made a number of sock puppets that the kids can use to put on a show.

Painter added that the areas will be clearly marked, so if the younger kids don’t want to be scared, they can go straight through to the candy.

Kids can try their hand at various games, including pumpkin golf or pumpkin toss. Treats and other Halloween-themed food items, like zombie pizza and zombie guts, will also be served.

Painter is looking forward to seeing how many kids come through the haunted house during its second year.

“It’s so much fun to see the little ones, the tiny ones. A lot of the parents who came through last year were dressed up too,” Donna McDowell said.

The haunted house will run from 5-7 p.m. on Oct. 31. Painter encourages families to come out to Rowley while out and about during the Spooktacular event downtown, Safe and Healthy Halloween at Dallas County Hospital and trick-or-treating.

“I think it will be a lot of fun,” Ernie Bever said.