People from all around the community of Perry and elsewhere flocked to the DMACC Perry VanKirk Academy building Monday, Aug. 26 to catch some great food at Tacopalooza.

It was a resounding success in the first-ever installment of Tacopalooza as three taco trucks from across the City of Perry competed for the coveted golden taco award. Those taco trucks included El Tren, El Sabor Mexicano and Taqueria Villa as they battled for taco supremacy. It was a strong turnout for the inaugural edition and brought a lot of happiness to DMACC Perry executive director Eddie Diaz.

“It was an amazing turnout and I am so happy for it,” said Diaz. “It was great to not only see the number of people there but the variety of people there showing their support and having a good time.”

The event in total brought roughly 300 to 400 people to the campus of DMACC in Perry, which helped to continue one of the goals set forth by Diaz.

“One of my primary goals was to push us out into the community and also have the community be apart of us,” began Diaz. “I’m all about inclusiveness and getting people to hang out and have a good time was huge for me and it went extremely well.”

One of the many great inclusive ideas from Diaz was a discounted rate for teachers of all backgrounds. Teachers got to enjoy tacos for just 50 cents, which did bring a lot of the teaching population to the DMACC Perry campus.

“Teaching has been a huge part of my life and helping out teachers whether at DMACC or elsewhere is always at the forefront of my mind,” stated Diaz. “I know what it’s like to be a teacher and the trials they have to go through. They do a ton in terms of shaping our youth and helping out this community, I thought I would help them out here.”

Nearly every taco truck sold out of their inventory for the day and while voting totals haven’t been tabulated just yet, it was a resounding success for the taco trucks as well. In the future, Diaz went on to talk about his desire to implement a similar event in neighboring communities like Woodward-Granger, Panorama, AC/GC, Madrid, ADM and more.