The first phase of the McCreary Community Building renovations got one step closer as the Perry City Council discussed a professional services agreement during the Aug. 5 meeting.

The Perry Park Board approved the Master Plan for the McCreary Community Building on May 13. The plan was then approved by the Perry City Council on May 20.

The professional service agreement discussed by the Perry City Council during the Aug. 5 meeting is for phase one of the renovation project at the McCreary Community Building. Phase one will include the replacement of boilers, chiller, hot water heaters, water pumps, emergency lighting, storefront doors, theatre renovations and interior work.

The cost for the professional services agreement with Ethos for phase one is $121,000.

City administrator Sven Peterson said Ethos is the company that came in to complete the master planning process.

“They did a very good job putting together that plan,” Peterson added.

Councilman Dean Berkland questioned the use of the $121,000 for Ethos to tell the City of Perry that new boilers are needed at the McCreary Community Building.

“Why would we spend that money when we could buy our boilers and all of that with part of that $121,000,” Berkland said.

While Peterson agreed with the statement, he said state law and the scope of the project is why the City is signing a professional service agreement with Ethos.

“The project is large enough that we would spend more money if we did it all separately to keep under the threshold of what we have to quote or bid,” Peterson said. “Since it’s such a large project with all of the boilers, water heaters, all the mechanical work, we do have to have it engineered and put together in a full quote package.”

Berkland said the $121,000 agreement still seemed “like a lot of money.”

Though as just the boilers were going to be above the threshold of what the City has to quote or bid, Peterson said it didn’t make sense to split the project up.

“This way it’s all one contractor that comes in and does everything under one contract. It’s all observed by architects and done as one project,” Peterson said.

Councilman Randy McCaulley then asked about the timeline for the phase one project.

Peterson said the plan is to have most of the mechanical work done before the boilers start back up. Work will then proceed into the interior portion of the project through the winter, next spring and summer.

He added that the maintenance department is “going to pick off some of the work that can be done in-house to help bring that cost down.”

Councilman Vicki Klein asked if this will be the only time the City has to do a professional services agreement, or if another would be needed as the project moves to phase two.

Phase two, which includes the outdoor pool/aquatic center, would require engineering and design work, Peterson said.

“It’s expensive, but we all know we’ve had lots of discussion on this over the last months and years. It will be nice to get it done,” Mayor John Andorf added.

The Perry City Council voted 4-1 to approve the $121,000 Professional Service Agreement with Ethos. Berkland was the lone no vote.

The next Perry City Council meeting is set for 6 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 19 in the Clarion Room at the Security Bank Building, 1102 Willis Ave.