The 4-H Static Exhibit Judging took place on Monday, July 8 before the start of the Dallas County Fair.

Here’s a look at The Perry Pathfinders 4-H Club’s results:Marcus Nelsen had 4 photography projects. 1 lavender and 3 blues.Sierra Newton had 2 visual arts projects and 1 baking project. 1 lavender and 2 blues.Lily Hollingsworth had 2 home improvement projects, 1 visual art project and 1 child development project. 2 lavenders and 2 blues.Aleah Karolus had 1 animal science project and 1 visual art project. 1 blue and 1 red.Carly Pavlica had 1 baking project and got a blue.Christian Pavlica had 1 baking project and got a blue.Hanna Sucher had one home improvement project and 1 baking project. 2 blues.

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