The Perry Community School District presented staff members with years of service awards during a program on Wednesday, June 5.

Angie Beaudet was named the Perry Rotary Teacher of the Year.

The staff years of service awards were then handed out at the Perry Performing Arts Center. The following is a full list of the awards.

5 Years: Shaylena Bell, Joy Berg, Lyndsey Buhrman, Natalie Eastman, Jacob Enderton, Mark Eppert, Ashley Fricke, Alyse Garcia, Jessica Harstad, Brienna Hayes, Megan Maylum, Denise Mitchell, Randy Peterson, Stacey Pfau, Hannah Pierce, Scott Pierce, Devin Schroeder, Jordan Siler, Amy Skinner and Brittany Whiton.

10 Years: Brennan Cleveland, Kristie Davis, Michelle Hager, Teresa Kresse, Corey Myers and Lena Pavlica.

15 Years: Sarah Bryan, Luz Angelica Diaz-Cardenas, Andrew Hoyt, Sarah Iben, Kimberly Taylor. Carla Wood

20 Years: Carrie Fellom, Robert Hidlebaugh, Dawn Higgins, Lori Meinecke, Cynthia Miner, Melissa Raskie, Becky Reuter and Roxanne Whitmore.

25 Years: Theresa Bronnenberg, Klista Meis, Diane Munoz and Lisa Schumacher.