LYRA returns to the Perry Performing Arts Center stage at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 8, 2019. The “a capella” program will consist of sacred music of the Russian Orthodox Church and Russian folk music with English commentary between songs.

Located in St. Petersburg, Russia, LYRA was founded in 1994 and is a community of about 25 professional musicians. Most of their members are students or postgraduates of St. Petersburg Conservatory working in different choirs of St. Petersburg. Some of them are also soloists at musical theaters of the city.

Though the members of the community represent different musical professions, including choir conductors, opera singers, instrumentalists, music teachers, they are all united by love for choir and ensemble singing. Due to different difficulties connected with the arrangement of concerts for such a numerous group, they usually perform in small groups consisting of 5-6 people, trying to keep the harmony of choir sound.

In 2001 they were awarded the Montreux (Switzerland) international choral festival diploma. In 2005 the group was also a winner of Coleraine International Choral Festival (Northern Ireland). Aside from an annual tour of the U.S., LYRA ensembles also regularly perform in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Great Britain, Ireland and Sweden.

Come and enjoy an evening of beautiful music with Perry Fine Arts and learn a little about the Russian culture as well.

Fine Arts concerts are free, though donations are accepted, and open to all.

​ The Performing Arts Center is handicapped accessible.