On March 22, the City of Perry received a report of a large frost heave on 16th Street between Lucinda Street and Taft Street. City crews initially closed off a section around the area but by the following Monday, another section started to heave so the City decided it was best to close the road. 

When a frost heave occurs, the moisture needs to escape the subgrade.  To begin the process of fixing this problem, the City hired a contractor to mill up the entire block. City crews then rolled the area to make it accessible to homeowners. 

This week, a contractor began installation of a sub drain that will run the entire length of the road, which will allow the water underneath the surface to exit and flow to a storm intake.  An intake will also be installed at 16th Street and Taft Street to help with drainage.  

The area will remain closed during this time and only open to the residents who live on this block. Once the contractor is done and depending on the weather, another contractor will return and put an asphalt overlay on the block. The asphalt plants are not open for the season yet.  As soon as they open, the block will be overlayed.  

The City of Perry does not want heavy traffic and trucks driving on this subgraded area. This area will remain closed until it can be overlayed and the project is completed. Your patience is appreciated during this construction period.

Please call Perry City Hall at 515-465-2481 if you have any questions.