Greetings from Thailand, England, France, Australia, Kazakhstan and more brought the global aspect of the International Women’s Day movement to Perry.

The event was celebrated globally by millions on Friday, March 8 and was celebrated in Perry on Saturday, March 9 with a coffee. Over 100 women turned out for the coffee, in its third year in Perry, at La Poste on Saturday.

“We’ll celebrate amazing contributions from women who make our world better and our future better,” organizer Carol Cavanaugh said.

A video at the beginning of the coffee event featured women and men from various countries wishing Perry residents a Happy International Women’s Day.

The global aspect of the day was driven home as local foreign exchange students, wearing traditional dress from their country, shared how the day is celebrated back home.

“International Women’s Day is a really big holiday in my country,” said Kanyshai Abdieva, of Kyrgyzstan.

She added that the day celebrates women with flowers and gifts.

“In this day, we pay a special attention to our mother’s, sisters, daughters and wives. To demonstrate the status of women,” Abdieva said.

“In Kyrgyzstan it’s a really huge holiday. And we have one day off school and off work just to celebrate this holiday. Maybe like Christmas or something, it’s a really big deal for us,” Nuraiym Nurgazieva said.

In Armenia, Lida Asilyan said women get chocolate, flowers and different gifts from boyfriends, husbands and others.

“International Women’s Day is also a huge deal in Indonesia. The women get like a special treat and they’re treated as a queen. It’s really good,” Irine Pangau said to laughter from the audience.

The celebration then turned back to Perry as organizer Carol Cavanaugh addressed those gathered at La Poste.

“So I had to ask myself what is International Women’s Day about in America? And it’s about you. It’s about all of you that came out today,” she said.

“It’s for all women. All from different countries, different ages and different lifestyles,” Cavanaugh added.

The event also featured a number of local speakers, who talked about everything from the everyday woman to horse therapy to a trip to Haiti.

Speakers included Marleni Grijalva, Misty May Farmer, Lynsi Pasutti, Kelly Moore, Theresa Burns, Aimee Carlson and Becky Greenwald.

The International Women’s Day celebration continued later Saturday night, as Women Rock La Poste was held for the first time.

The event featured a number of female musicians, including Kat Darling of The High Crest and her daughter, Abileen and her friend, Ellis Gibbons; Lani, who is studying vocal music and international business at Drake University; and Sarah Nevins, of the James Biehn Band, with her daughters, Greta and Adaline.