The Perry Alano Club is getting some local help to update its two buildings at 1211 and 1213 Lucinda.

During the 13 meeting of 100+ People for Perry on Feb. 25, the group selected the Perry Alano Club as this quarter’s recipient.

Larry Laborde, Perry Alano Club board secretary/treasurer, requested $6,692 during the meeting. The funds, he said, will be used to help complete updates in 1211 Lucinda.

Funds will be used to help finish the bathroom and make it ADA compliant. Other funds will be used to help complete electrical work and update the outside of the building, including replacing loose siding, gutters and more.

Laborde also requested funds to help install fire protection equipment, including push bars on the exit doors, extinguishers and signage for the exits.

The Perry Alano Club recently received a Bock Family Foundation grant that will help with the updates to 1211 Lucinda, including paint, carpet and more.

That portion of the building, Laborde said, will be used by Narcotics Anonymous. The NA group currently uses the same meeting space as Alcoholics Anonymous in the adjacent building.

Once the updates are complete, the NA group will start meeting at 1211 Lucinda.

“I think middle of April you won’t recognize this room,” Laborde said of the updates.

This was the second time the Perry Alano Club has received funds from 100+ People for Perry. The original grant helped set up the meeting room at 1213 Lucinda.

The Perry Alano Club owns 1211 and 1213 Lucinda as a non-profit. The club hosts various 12 Step Recovery programs, including NA and AA, and charges rent to those groups. They also charge memberships of $5 a month. The club has around 60 members.

Pearl Laborde added that you don’t have to be in recovery to be a member.

“Some people join or donate because they have a loved one that they want to remember,” said Pearl Laborde, one of the Perry Alano Club board members.

The Perry Alano Club has reached a number of people over its 14 months of being at the two buildings on Lucinda. Though Pearl Laborde said it’s hard to tell just how many lives they have touched.

Larry Laborde measures it in contacts. If he goes to one meeting seven nights a week, he said that would be seven contacts. The club has anywhere from five to 35 at each meeting. If that number was averaged to 12, he said that comes out to 7,224 contacts over the past 14 months.

Funds from groups like 100+ People for Perry and the Bock Family Foundation help the Perry Alano Club to make and keep those connections in the community.

“We wouldn’t be able to succeed here without the help that the community has given, especially with the grants and the 100+ People for Perry,” said Suzy Fentress, vice president of the board. “By helping us succeed, we’re serving back by anybody who wants to come to a meeting knows that this place is here and they can come in.”

Larry Laborde added that it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t known someone who has suffered from disease of alcoholism or drug addiction.

He appreciates groups like 100+ People for Perry who show their support of the Perry Alano Club through their donations. Those donations have helped the club make infrastructure updates at 1211 and 1213 Lucinda.

“It’s for Perry, by Perry. That’s what I like about that,” Larry Laborde said of the local organization.