Perry residents will have another lunch option when Bett and Bev’s BBQ opens its doors in April.

The Jefferson restaurant is expanding and opening a second location at 408 1st Ave., next to the Verizon store.

Owner Adam Glawe, who has ran Bett and Bev’s BBQ in Jefferson for almost 11 years, said Perry seemed like the perfect town to start a second restaurant.

Glawe said Kyle Roeder, who will be running the Perry location, started working for him when he was in high school. When he came back from college on breaks, he came back to work at the Jefferson restaurant.

“I told him ‘You can run one on your own.’ That was kind of just a spark that sat there for awhile,” Glawe said of the idea to franchise the business.

“The first conversation was like ‘Oh, that would be fun,’” Roeder added. “And then I finally came back from school and from work at one point and said ‘Let’s do it, let’s go.’ So we did it and here we are.”

They took possession of the building after Jan. 1 and have been working on it ever since. Though Glawe said the building didn’t need a lot of renovations, it’s slower going as they are doing the work themselves, with the help of Roeder’s dad.

Roeder said the building used to be a Subway, so it was set up commercially to be a kitchen. A couple walls were torn down and now, he said, work has turned to the cosmetic side.

Corrugated metal has been hung on the ceiling and walls, along with a wood-carved sign made by a customer.

“All of us are from agriculture families, so going agriculture all the way,” Roeder said of the look for the Perry location. “It’s a lot of fun. People in Jefferson offering up signs from their farms. We had a customer last week, said I have a couple seed corn signs if you want to hang them up.”

Glawe said the restaurant’s location in Perry was a perfect fit.

“The idea is to get in and get out fast, so it was the right size, it was the right spot, good parking,” he said.

The Jefferson location, he added, does a lot of its business at lunch because the customers know how fast they can get their food.

“We’re really focused on being a lunch spot. A quick meal, especially for the working man,” Glawe said.

Roeder plans to bring that same business model to the Perry location.

“What sets us apart more than anything else is how fast we are,” he said. “We really key in on getting food to the customer as fast as possible. Most of the time, if someone is paying with a credit card, the food is on the counter before they’re done signing the receipt.”

And while it may come out fast, Glawe said it’s also good food. They offer pulled pork, beef brisket and smoked turkey breast as the three main options.

“We’ve always said smoke slow, serve fast. That’s the goal,” Glawe said. “Barbecue takes time, but we do the slow part already, so we’re ready to send you on your way quickly.”

Roeder said while they haven’t officially settled on hours, he plans to primarily be open for lunch. He may add dinner on Friday and Saturday.

Work continues on the building and Roeder hopes to be open by early April. Though he encourages the community to like the Bett and Bev’s BBQ, Perry page on Facebook for future updates.

As for Glawe, he is looking forward to seeing what Roeder can do in Perry.

“When you start a business, you want to see it grow, you want to see it expand. But Kyle’s been around for a long time, he’s like a little brother. So to see him have the opportunity to take it the next step,” Glawe said. “It’s fun to see him succeed and also see my brand grow. It’s exciting all the way around.”