The Perry Volunteer Fire Department responded to a fire at single family home early Friday morning at 2402 Willis Ave.

Assistant Fire Chief Brian Eiteman said the department was called around 1:43 a.m. by the homeowner. Everyone made it out of the house.

The fire was caused, Eiteman said, while the homeowners were remodeling. He added that when they were installing a cabinet around 1:30 a.m., a screw that was put into the wall went into a power line wire.

That caused a power surge and started the inside of the wall on fire, Eiteman said.

He arrived on scene within five minutes and shut the power off. Fire trucks arrived shortly after. Willis Avenue was blocked off from 13th to 14th Street as the fire department battled the blaze.

The fire department conducted an interior attack and Eiteman said they knocked down the majority of the fire on the first attack.

The department stayed on the scene until around 7:40 a.m. as the crew continued to battle the blaze.

Eiteman said “the fire got seeded in between the layers and behind walls” from other remodeling projects done in the house.

“We literally had to tear every wall and every ceiling out of the building in order to get to the fire to put it out,” Eiteman said.

The fire was extinguished and the fire department got back to the station around 7:50 a.m. Willis Avenue was then reopened.

The fire, Eiteman said, consumed the entire upstairs. The first floor saw smoke and water damage. He estimated that the house is a total loss.

The Perry Volunteer Fire Department was assisted by Dallas County EMS, Perry Police Department and Woodward Fire Department.

Eiteman said no injuries were reported.