Voters will head to the polls on Tuesday, Feb. 5 for a special election.

The election is for a $6.5 million bond referendum for the Perry Community School District.

The Perry School Board passed a resolution during a special meeting on Dec. 19 ordering a special election on the issuance of a $6.5 million general obligation bond. The district is looking to construct a wrestling room addition, along with a Career and Technical Education, or industrial tech, addition.

Superintendent Clark Wicks and other school board members, including Linda Andorf, have shared information about the project with various groups, along with a pair of public forums. The pair spoke about the project during the Jan. 7 Perry City Council meeting.

“No matter what the referendum does, the one thing that we want to have in Perry, the same for the City and for the school, is Perry pride,” Wicks said.

In a later interview, Wicks said the proposed project will expand that Perry pride. The project will also benefit students both on the wrestling side and the industrial tech side.

The wrestling/multi-purpose addition will also allow the locker room area to be expanded. That is important, Wicks said, as more female wrestlers are entering into the sport. The current facilities don't include male and female locker rooms.

On the industrial tech side, Wicks said more space is needed for the students to continue learning lifelong skills.

During the Jan. 7 Perry City Council meeting, Andorf said the district has a current general obligation bond due to expire in June. The district currently runs at a debt service of $2.10 per $1,000 evaluation.

Andorf added that the district is looking to reauthorize that bond at a reduced rate. The bond will reduce the taxes by 75 cents per evaluated $1,000, Andorf said, bringing it down to $1.35.

Wicks added in a later interview that the current plan is complete both projects by fall of 2020 if the bond referendum passes.

Wicks encourages the community to get out and vote on Feb. 5 to continue building upon that Perry pride.