The Perry City Council met at 6 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 3 in the Security Bank Building. Here are three things you may have missed:

1. Council approves authorization of Senior Fellowship Fund

The City of Perry Parks and Recreation Department recently took over the Wednesday Perry Senior Fellowship Program at the McCreary Center. It is necessary for the Perry City Council to give director to the Finance Officer to establish a Perry Senior Fellowship Fund. The authorization of transactions shall be by the Recreation Director or Deputy Director.

Parks and Recreation Director John Anderson said the change came about when they lost the fellowship program cook a month ago. The volunteers behind the fellowship program came to Anderson for help in finding a new cook.

Through that discussion, Anderson said he urged them to let him take over the program.

“We have a system of checks and balances,” Anderson said of the parks and rec department. “In order to sustain Wednesday fellowship, to keep having it every Wednesday, I really feel that this needs to happen.”

Anderson said having the parks and rec department in charge of the program will ensure it will last a long time.

The department will collect the money from the meal and put it into a restricted fund. Those funds, he added, will be used to pay the cook, purchase food and supplies. The current fellowship volunteers will stay in place to help serve the meals.

“So this just cleans up the accounting, cleans it up and makes it a cleaner operation, is that correct?” Mayor John Andorf asked.

Anderson agreed.

Andorf added that the program is a pretty popular one.

“It is, and we can’t let it go away. And that’s where it was going,” Anderson said.

He didn’t want to see that happen, and that’s why the parks and rec department stepped in to help run the program. Around 60-80 are served every Wednesday.

Council Member Randy McCaulley then asked if the program has a cook.

Anderson said they do, and they are currently going to get certified for ServSafe.

Council Member Vicki Klein then asked Anderson if he sees the fellowship program growing past Wednesdays.

Anderson said with the cook they have now, they have talked about the addition of bake sales to generate funds for the fellowship program. Those funds could then be used to help update the kitchen equipment or even expand the program.

“This could be a really good avenue to maintain Wednesday fellowship and maintain that program,” Anderson said.

He added that another benefit of the parks and rec department being in charge of the program is that they can now apply for grants.

The Perry City Council went on to pass a resolution authorizing the creation of a Senior Fellowship Fund.

2. Council accepts REAP grant agreement for Pattee Park Wetlands Acquisition

The City of Perry applied and was awarded a REAP Grant for the Pattee Park Wetlands Acquisition to ensure the treatment of storm water for the area and stabilizing the storm water pond that has been constructed. The $100,000 grant has a local match of $57,800. Once accepted, it will authorize Andorf to sign and execute the REAP Grant Agreement.

Anderson said the idea behind the project is to acquire the wetlands north of the soccer complex in Pattee Park. Those wetlands, he said, feeds the already constructed pond.

“The idea is to control that wetlands so that we can control the pollution, we can control the water, so that we can maintain the current pond that we have now for future recreational purposes,” Anderson said.

Council Member Chuck Schott expressed concern over the price of the roughly 20 acres of wetlands.

While Anderson said Schott would need to ask the county assessor about the value of the land, he added that “I do feel like this is a pretty important thing for us in order to maintain our soccer complex.”

Schott said he wasn’t disputing the need for the project, rather he was concerned with the high price of the wetlands.

The Perry City Council approved the resolution accepting the REAP grant agreement. Schott was the only dissenting vote.

3. Council sets public hearing on general obligation airport improvements loan agreement

The Perry City Council passed a resolution setting a public hearing on the general obligation airport improvements loan agreement. The loan agreement, is in a principal amount not to exceed $2,300,000. The purpose of the agreement is to finance improvements to the existing municipal airport, including land acquisitions, reconstruction of the runway and general airport improvements.

The public hearing will be held at 6 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 17 in the Security Bank Building, 1102 Willis Ave. The regular Perry City Council meeting will follow the public hearing.