Employees with the City of Perry were honored during the sixth annual Safety and Employee Appreciation Day on Wednesday, Oct. 31 inside the Perry Police Department Sally Port.

“Each of you as employees of Perry represents the city and actually becomes the face of the city as you go out and do your job every day,” Mayor John Andorf said.

Those jobs, he said, could include collecting trash, helping someone find information at the library, clearing snow, mowing grass at the parks and more.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank each of you individually and collectively for your work as individuals and as a team in making Perry one of Iowa’s truly great places,” Andorf said.

Names of all city employees were later read, along with their years of service. Those celebrating 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 35 years of service received certificates and shook hands with Andorf and members of the Perry City Council.

Those recognized for five years of service include Andorf; Kevin Kanealy, fire department; Douglas Bonjour, fire department; Bobby Harlan, fire department and Matthew Aswegan, police department.

Those with 10 years of service include Matthew Halling, sanitation/streets and Michael Peterson, sanitation/parks.

Misty VonBehren was recognized for 15 years of service as the deputy library director. Finance Officer Susie Moorhead was recognized for 20 years of service.

Joel Eiteman and Frank Eiteman, both of the fire department, were recognized for 25 and 35 years of service respectively.

Employees listened to a presentation on cyber security from Colette Klier of TrueNorth. Lunch was catered by El Tren. City Administration Sven Peterson gave a recap of the past year before Mike Thomason of Dallas County EMS gave a presentation.