The Woodward City Council held a special session on Wednesday, Oct. 24 to discuss the city council vacancy and whether or not it should be filled by means of election.

It was not on the agenda, but Todd Folkerts allowed for an open forum as there was one citizen in attendance whom signed up to speak. The citizen spoke in regards to the petition that was signed to force a special election for the mayor position. He informed the council that the first 13 signatures plus his own were signed before the appointment took place and the 23 that followed were signed after the appointment. Therefore the question was brought up of whether or not the 23 signatures that were made after the appointment of Folkerts were valid. Councilman Duwayne Dalen clarified that all signatures are valid and the petition stands as a document that demands a special mayoral election. The city will move forward with this mayoral election.

Once the open forum was over, the council began discussion on the council vacancy. Todd Folkerts made an announcement to all in attendance to state this item of discussion was to decide whether or not the council vacancy that was made due to Folkerts’ appointment should be filled by means of special election. The motion was passed to appoint a person at a later date to the vacant city council position.