The planned monument honoring the Perry Police Department is one step closer to reality as an eight-ton rock was placed on Monday, Oct. 22 outside the department.

Dennis Allen, who runs Dennis’s Rocks, placed the rock as Carolyn McNeill looked on.

“I’m so excited because finally it’s a beginning,” McNeill said.

McNeill added that the plans for the police monument started around a year and a half ago through the Perry Crime Stoppers. The group has been raising awareness and funds for the project.

The rock was purchased and placed on Oct. 22.

Plans for the monument, McNeill said, include a plaque on the rock, flagpole, bench, statues of a policeman, child and dog and landscaping.

“I think it’s going to be quite attractive when we get done,” she said.

As for the monument’s timeline, McNeill said it will depend on the weather and fundraising efforts.

Around $2,000 has already been raised. McNeill said Perry Crime Stoppers would like to raise around $10,000 for the planned police monument.

“They’ve done such a wonderful job for everybody in the community,” she said of the Perry Police Department.