New faces and a name change will greet community members and guests coming to the Hotel Pattee at the end of November.

Owner Tom Maxwell said that effective Nov. 26, David's Milwaukee Diner will be converted to Harvey's at Hotel Pattee.

Katie Harvey, who owns Harvey's Diner and Pub in Redfield, will be coming in as the executive director of culinary services. Maxwell added that Harvey will be bringing her “upscale, comfort food” menus to the hotel.

“The goal of that is to recognize that our local community wasn't as enamored of our menu as our hotel guests were,” Maxwell said. “So we really want to change our focus and try to make sure that we're welcoming our local friends back to the hotel and back to the restaurant.”

He is looking forward to seeing Harvey bring her expertise and vision for what the restaurant can be in the hotel.

Harvey, who ran Harvey's Diner and Pub for two and a half years, will be closing the restaurant in Redfield on Nov. 25.

“I'm going to miss our small town terribly. But it's an opportunity to really capture a different community,” Harvey said of Perry.

She will be bringing her chef and pastry chef from the Redfield restaurant to the Hotel Pattee, along with a new menu.

“The hotel is already so special. To capitalize on that and to bring a modern comfort food is what I think people are looking for,” Harvey said.

She added that they make everything from scratch at Harvey's, from the ketchup to the sauces and more. That will continue at Harvey's at Hotel Pattee to help elevate comfort dishes like meatloaf and shepherd's pie.

“Hopefully there's just a nice level. That you will still feel like it's approachable, but that it's in line with this gorgeous hotel,” Harvey said of upcoming changes in the menu.

She will also bring her experience for catering special events in and out of the hotel.

Before Harvey ran the Redfield restaurant, she ran an Italian steakhouse in New York City for 12 years. She handled all of the steakhouse's special events and day-to-day operations.

“Especially for special events, there is a real opportunity to be involved in people's experiences, which is really special,” Harvey said of the Hotel Pattee.

She also wants to bring elevated service to the hotel. Harvey plans to be in the restaurant daily and she encourages customers to come to her with any concerns or comments.

Maxwell said he listened to feedback from the customers in saying change was needed in the hotel's restaurant. He encourages the community to come out to Harvey's at Hotel Pattee on Nov. 26 to see that change.

“We absolutely hope you can give us another chance and come in and check it out because you're going to very, very impressed,” Maxwell said. “Not just with the quality of the food and what you can order here, but just the experience and the hospitality that's going to be provided. It's just going to be at a whole different level.”