Customers shopping at the Perry Fareway meat counter may have noticed a new face.

Brandon Callahan recently started as the market manger at the Perry store. He comes into the position after working for the past six years as the assistant manager at Fareway in Fort Dodge.

“That’s kind of how Fareway works,” Callahan said of the move. “They kind of bounce you around. This will be my sixth store that I’ve been in.”

He started with Fareway right out of high school. He liked the job, so he decided to join the transfer program Fareway offered at the time.

Callahan made his first transfer when he was 20, moving a couple hours away from home.

“Pretty much the rest is history from there,” he said.

After he moved for the first time, Callahan worked his way up to assistant manager. He has been with Fareway for the past 18 years.

The position in the Perry store will be his first as market manager. As for his roles as the manager, he joked that he primarily sells a lot of meat.

“I order the meat, cut the meat, grind the meat. I pretty much get into everything that goes with it,” Callahan said of the meat counter.

Though he added that the Perry market is smaller than Fort Dodge so he has had to cut back a bit when it comes time to order. Meat is ordered three times a week, Callahan said, which keeps everything fresh for the customer.

The meat in the case is constantly changing from season to season and even week to week. In the summer, Callahan said steaks are one of the top sellers.

“On a nice summer day, that counter will just be busy all afternoon,” he said.

Customer’s tastes change to roasts and meats that are good in a crock pot come fall. Callahan said the department also adds new items every week.

“We try to make new items every week that we haven’t tried before. Kind of trial and error on those to see what is going to sell and what isn’t,” he said.

The meat in the case isn’t the only thing that’s changed within the department. New wood boards were recently installed on the front of the meat counter. TV screens were also added above the counter, showing different cuts of meat, recipes and more.

Callahan joins those changes as the newest face in the meat department. He is looking forward to settling into his new role at the Perry store.

“I’d like to get to know a lot of people in the community,” Callahan said. “Just getting out and meeting people and having a good time.”