Audiences will get the chance to see Perry High School’s version of “Robin Hood” on Nov. 2 and 3.

The high school drama department will present the popular play at 7 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 2 and Saturday, Nov. 3 in the Perry Performing Arts Center.

“It’s kind of a fun, little timeless story. Especially because it’s a story that everyone is familiar with,” said Randy Peterson, play director.

He decided upon the “Robin Hood” script as it also includes audience interaction and stage combat choreography.

“The play kind of comes off the stage towards the audience,” Peterson said of the interaction element.

“Everyone knows the story but we add a comical twist to it. We stop and we freeze and we add insights,” added Camden Studer, senior.

He plays the Sheriff of Nottingham and he likes being able to play such a demanding character who likes to go around yelling at people.

Freshman Blake Heater plays one of the sheriff’s soldiers. He is involved with one of the bigger fight scenes in the play and has been enjoying learning all of the moves.

“I like seeing it all come together,” Heater said of the fight scenes and the rest of the play.

He encourages the community to come out and support the drama department on Nov. 2 and 3.

“I think it will be a fun play for the whole family,” Peterson said. “I think it’s a play that has a lot of universal appeal.”

Tickets are on sale now. They are $5 and can be purchased at the high school office or by calling the office at 515-465-3503.

‘Robin Hood’ Cast List

Robin Hood - Jayden Whitney

Tomas Allard, The Sheriff of Nottingham - Camden Studer

Maid Marian - Aliyah Taggart

Lord Dunstan - Madison Mason

Friar Tuck - Kaylynn Bousman

Bishop of Hereford - Maura Richardson

Cleric of Hereford - Bella Nath

Towncrier - Jevan Stokely

Will Scarlet - Alex Tasler

Little John - Isaac Noble

Cassandra - Ainsley Marburger

Rugged Woodsman - Halmar Arteaga

Poor Yeoman - Adrianna Escalante

Footman - Dannah Karolus

Serf - Adriana Eastman

Sheriff’s Soldier 1 - Trinity Summerson

Sheriff’s Soldier 2- Chance Hoisington

Sheriff’s Soldier 3 - Samantha Dahm

Sheriff’s Soldier 4 - Blake Heater

Much, the Miller’s Son - Justice Moreland

Alana Dale - Claudia Vargas

Arthur Bland - Jason Wells

Lady Dunstan - Kayla McFarland

Lady Tremaine - Bree Martin

Lady Allard - Zoe Meyer

Cicely - Cassidy Hibbert

Gwendolyn - Zari Hopper