A new bench will soon be installed in the playground at St. Patrick’s Catholic School.

Larry Vodenik and Seth Fridley of Perry Hy-Vee presented a Buddy Bench to the St. Patrick’s students during a presentation on Oct. 10.

Assistant Director Fridley said the St. Patrick’s students made their own rules to go with the new bench.If you are ever feeling lonely or left out, sit down on the Buddy Bench.If you see someone sitting on the Buddy Bench, try to find a way to include that student and make the student feel important.The bench is for people who are wanting to be included.If you are just looking for a place to sit, please one of the other benches.

The only rule Fridley said he would add is for the students to always be looking at the Buddy Bench.

“Make sure you are always checking it and making sure no one is sitting there alone,” he said to the students.

This is the second Buddy Bench in Perry. Hy-Vee presented the Perry Elementary with a bench last year in October for National Stop Bullying Month.