A groundbreaking that was three years in the making finally took place on Wednesday, Aug. 29. The Grandwood Education Center is building a new facility for all students and it will be located in Granger. All of the center’s current students were in attendance to watch the official groundbreaking at the site of construction. With the current site of the Grandwood Education Center being located in Woodward, the program continues to expand and the waitlist continues to grow. This new facility will allow for the program to serve even more students.

Grandwood Principal Rebekka Maass thanked all in attendance of the groundbreaking for coming and attributed the initial idea of the project to Grandwood teacher Eric Evans.

“Eric Evans brought up the idea of asking around for individuals who would donate or build a building with leasing in mind,” Maass said. “I chuckled and here we are today! Thank you, Mr. Evans, for not allowing that to be a laughed off thought and continuing to ask and push for a new building.”

Maass went on to say John Kline came in after several months to become the developer and allowed the site to be built on his land.

When asked how she personally feels about this project finally coming to fruition, Maass expressed even more gratitude and genuine happiness.

“When I think about my career in education, I can’t think of a more dedicated group of individuals (the Grandwood staff) who are here for the students,” Maass said. “The excitement that all of us share, knowing how much this building will impact our students, is overwhelming.”

Maass’ final thank-yous went out to Brad Anderson, the W-G School Board and Edge Commercial.

“Thank you to the Woodward-Granger School Board and Brad Anderson for knowing the impact Grandwood has on so many districts and knowing how we will be able to assist more and more students with the expansion possible with this building,” said Maass. “And thank you to Edge Commercial for your understanding and time.”

With construction well underway, the building is predicted to be finalized within the next 18 months.