Art on the Prairie is the latest group to receive funds from 100+ People for Perry.

The members of 100+ People for Perry pledged $7,200 to Art on the Prairie during the group’s meeting on Monday, Aug. 27. The funds will be used for the fourth Art on the Prairie sculpture, “Furrowed Fields.”

“I think everybody is understanding the art and what it’s bringing to the community, that they all went for it,” Art on the Prairie President Jenny Eklund said of the 100+ Plus members. “It was a true blessing.”

This is the second sculpture to receive funds from 100+ People for Perry. Art on the Prairie was last awarded funds in May of 2017.

The group waited a year before applying in May, and now August, where Art on the Prairie was selected as this quarter’s recipient.

The $7,200 pledge from 100+ People for Perry will help Art on the Prairie get closer to the around $32,000 cost of the sculpture.

“I have no words to describe that, because of the worry and unknown that we weren’t going to be able to get the money for this without using our own personal funds,” Eklund said. “We can’t say thank you enough. 100+ People for Perry is just one of the best organizations for helping people in our community.”

“Furrowed Fields” will join the other three Art on the Prairie sculptures along Willis Avenue come November. The sculpture, Eklund said, will be unveiled on Nov. 10 during the annual art festival.

“We are very, very thankful and appreciative,” she said of 100+ People for Perry. “And we can’t wait for them to see the sculpture so they know the part they played and what it created. I can’t wait for that come November.”

In a press release sent out by 100+ People for Perry, it said the group’s mission is to invest in Perry’s future through supporting current charities, non-profits and worthy projects, which advance the quality of life.

After 11 meetings, the group has pledged $73,200 to 11 local projects. The group makes four donations each year.

The 100+ People for Perry members are asking the community to look for projects to be presented at the next meeting, set for 7 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 26 at La Poste.

Anyone who has an interest in joining 100+ People for Perry should contact Mark Powell (465-4641 or, Tom Lipovac (, or Linda Kaufman (