The idea for these military statues at Violet Hill Cemetery is the result of former chairperson Jeanette Peddicord receiving a call from a friend about the statues, which were sold at the Home and Garden section of the Boone Hy-Vee store. She purchased a Navy statue because of a family tradition, bringing it to her home and showing it to fellow Historic Preservation members.

The Historic Preservation Commission members decided to purchase a statue of each military person available to be painted and placed in Violet Hill Cemetery in coordination with a project to repair and improve the GAR Monument. These four statues, weighing about 160 pounds each and standing about 42 inches tall, were purchased at a cost of $250 each. The money to purchase the statues was earned by the Perry Historic Preservation Commission sale of Perry’s Memory Land book. The painting of the statues was done by Created in Johnston, Inc. on Merle Hay Road in Johnston. Prior to painting the statues, they had to be cleaned and treated.

The cleaning and painting of the statues were paid for by a $600 contribution from the money Perry High School students collected for “Casual Day” at the high school. After working on the veterans medallions at Violet Hill Cemetery with the Perry Historical Commission members, the students recommended their donations be given to the veterans’ projects at Violet Hill Cemetery. Scott Stokely of Stokely Lumberyard in Perry donated one-half of a pallet of quick-crete used in the placement of the medallions.

Kudos to the boys of the Perry High School Football Team for all of their work on veterans projects as well as their donation. Some of those who volunteered with the project include Luke Rathje, Brian Barranco, Alex Morales, Kaleb Olejniczak, Cole Snyder, Avery Meister and Jordan Long.

Creations in Johnston is remarkable to work with and goes out of their way to make sure the work they do is quality work. Scott Stokely and Stokely Lumberyard are strong backers of Perry Historic Preservation and local veterans’ projects, making their actions something to be emulated by all of us.

As usual, Richard Steadman, Cemetery Supervisor, and his crew assisted in all of our projects at Violet Hill. Currently, Perry Historic Preservation is continuing to work on the GAR Monument to repair and improve it. When this phase is complete, we will have a program honoring Dallas County Foundation and other generous contributors to this project.