Leroy Tibben reached down and picked one green bean after another. The green beans were then dropped into a bowl as Tibben picked more from another plant.

A few rows over, his wife Geneen was busy picking ripe tomatoes. The tomatoes were placed into an egg basket. The basket joined several others filled with cucumbers and other vegetables.

Those vegetables will soon be for sale at the Perry Farmers Market on Thursday, Aug. 9. National Farmers Market Week runs from Aug. 5-11. The week is a way to highlight local growers and produce.

Leroy and Geneen Tibben are two local growers who are staples at the Perry Farmers Market. The pair bring their vegetables and baked goods each week from their home near Dawson.

The Tibbens have around 3 ½ acres of vegetable gardens. When asked what they sell at the Perry Farmers Market each week, Leroy's answer was “What don't we sell.”

They grow and sell everything from cabbage to sweet corn, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, peppers, beets, cucumbers, squash and more.

Geneen and Leroy have been working together to grow and harvest those vegetables for the Perry Farmers Market for around six years. Leroy had started a garden when he retired. They started gardening together after Geneen retired.

“We just like being outside,” Geneen said. “And the people appreciate it so much when they have fresh produce.”

She added that they have a following. Evidence of that following could be seen at the Aug. 2 farmers market. A long line was formed in the Josh Davis Plaza as customers waited their turn to purchase produce from the Tibbens.

“They're just really faithful people who are there every week,” Geneen said. “We just enjoy serving them.”

Geneen also offers a number of baked goods at their booth each week. She typically bakes dozens of cookies on Mondays each week and freezes them for the market. On Wednesdays, she bakes her zucchini and banana breads and Thursdays are set aside for baking rolls.

“It's as fresh as it can be and people appreciate that too,” Geneen said.

The fresh baked goods join the fresh produce each week at the Perry Farmers Market. Leroy and Geneen spend countless hours in their garden each week weeding, watering and harvesting vegetables to get ready for the market.

“Sometimes we can't work very good together, but in the garden it seems like we work OK together,” Geneen said while looking at Leroy.

“We have to. It's got to get done sometime,” Leroy said with a smile.

The Perry Farmers Market runs from 4-7 p.m. each Thursday at the Josh Davis Plaza through Sept. 27.