A strap was wrapped around a downed tree in John and Kathy Powell’s backyard. The strap was attached to a truck and the tree was pulled out of the way on the morning of June 21.

The tree joined 12 more that were uprooted during a storm on June 20. A tornado briefly touched down at the Powell residence two miles west of Perry.

The tornado took out a line of trees near the Powell’s driveway along Highway 141 before continuing up past the house.

Kathy Powell said Jack Butler had called her husband to see if he was home. John Powell was working at the new place they are planning on moving to in town.

Butler told John Powell that their driveway was covered and there were quite a few trees down. Kathy Powell was in the basement packing when the tornado came through.

“I heard thumping, and I knew something had blown over,” Kathy Powell said of the storm. “I looked over to the west and the tree was turned over and then another one.”

She then looked over at her favorite pine tree leaning in the middle of the yard.

“Tim thought he could pull it and do something with it,” she said of Tim Walton. Walton Tree Service of Perry had a crew out clearing the uprooted trees at the Powell property on June 21.

The winds blew the patio furniture and plants off of the porch, uprooted 13 trees and knocked branches off of trees. The tornado completely missed the Powell’s garage and house.

That wasn’t the case for Tom and Georgia Vincent on the other side of Hwy 141. The tornado blew in from west, knocking over seven or eight trees and blowing shingles off the back section of the roof.

“It made a swath across our acreage and we had quite a bit of tree damage,” Georgia Vincent said.

The porch swing was flung into their pond while the patio furniture landed in the bushes near the house, narrowly missing a bay window.

Tom and Georgia Vincent had just come into the house after working outside when the storm blew through. They were standing in the kitchen when the wind came up and slammed the door shut on the garage.

“We were just watching straight line winds that we’d never seen before and we were watching limbs and stuff just flying by us,” Georgia Vincent said.

The storm blew through in about a minute. The Vincents then stepped outside to survey the damage. Georgia Vincent said that’s when she heard the tornado sirens in Perry and the alarm on her phone telling her to take cover.

“I said ‘Do we need to go to the basement?’ (Tom) said ‘It’s already gone. What do you mean do we need to go to the basement?’” Georgia Vincent said.

They then started the process of cleaning up the broken branches around the yard. They had their roof patched, but decided to wait on clearing out the uprooted trees.

The June 20 storm caught the Powells and Vincents off guard.

“We’ve never had anything like this,” Kathy Powell said.

“We have an acre windbreak to the west. Rarely do we get any wind,” Georgia Vincent said.

Still, she was just happy there wasn’t any further damage.

“For the speed of the winds that came through here and for the trees it toppled, nothing toppled on the house. Which is amazing because we’re really tucked into the trees here,” Georgia Vincent said.