She only joined the team less than four months ago but Allison Ullmann has already become a familiar face and a trusted source of news in the Perry community. Ullmann joined the Perry Chief as a staff reporter in February of this year.

Ullmann comes to Perry with experience under her belt, as she previously worked for two community newspapers in northern Iowa. She said that she wanted to get back to journalism in a smaller community, and that’s what led her here to Perry.

“I really enjoyed that community aspect of it and the ad really struck me where it was community journalism with photography and video, but really the community aspect was the key that kind of sold me,” Ullmann said.

Lisa Widick, Perry Chief publisher, knew early on that Ullmann would be a good fit with the Perry Chief.

“When I interviewed Allison the first time, I just had that feeling that she would be the right fit for Perry,” Widick said. “She largely covered community events and happenings and was very familiar with how to be in many places at once.”

She grew up in Titonka, Iowa, a town of just 448, and went to college at Simpson College in Indianola.

As soon as she started, she was immediately introduced to people around town, including Perry Chamber of Commerce members, the Mayor and others and she said she immediately felt welcomed into the community.

Widick feels happy with the work that Ullmann has done so far.

“In the three plus months she has been here, Allison has not made me second guess my initial feeling,” Widick said. “She’s fit right in with our staff and the community and I’m happy to have her here.”

Ullmann said that she became a part of the community during her tenure at her last newspaper position and looks to continue that in Perry.

“I hope to bring that same level of involvement in the community here and the years experience that I have in both writing, photography and especially video,” Ullmann said. “I’m working up to have people seeing more of that coming forward.”

Ullmann can be reached at