Kids seen doing the right thing in the community will soon be awarded with a ticket and a popsicle.

The Perry Hy-Vee and Perry Police Department have partnered together to hand out “Doing the Right Thing” (DTRT) tickets to those kids.

Chief Eric Vaughn said police officers who see kids wearing their bike helmet, obeying the rules of the road or being a good citizen will hand them a DTRT ticket.

The ticket can then be redeemed at Hy-Vee for a popsicle.

Larry Vodenik with the Perry Hy-Vee said the store had partnered with the police department in the past to reward kids for wearing a bike helmet. The DTRT program expands it to recognize kids doing the right thing throughout the community.

“It’s a good partnership with the Perry Police,” he said.

Vaughn echoed Vodenik, saying that Hy-Vee has always been supportive of the police department. That support has come through Police Night Out, Public Safety Day and now, the DTRT program.

“They’ve always been great anytime we’ve ever needed anything,” Vaughn said.

Vodenik said when Hy-Vee partnered with the police department during Police Night Out, he noticed some of the kids were a little frightened of the police.

“I thought if we do this with DTRT, they’ll see the kids doing something good and give them a ticket for it,” Vodenik said.

The tickets, he said, are a good way for kids in the community to become more familiar with the police department.

“It gives us a good ice breaker for the officers to have interaction with those kids in a positive way,” Vaughn said.

Police officers received the tickets on Monday, June 11. They will have the tickets with them while on patrol and will be looking for kids doing the right thing in the community.

“If you see us talking to your kid, hopefully it’s for a good reason,” Vaughn said.