Perry Police Officers were dispatched to the Soumas Court area, belonging to the Hotel Pattee, at around 8 p.m. on May 19 for a report of a person who had a machete.

A press release from the Perry Police Department said Chief Eric Vaughn spoke with witnesses upon arriving. The witnesses stated that “the above defendant rode his bike through Soumas Court, removed a machete from his back pack and attempted to discard it onto the property.”

The statement went on to add that the defendant rode away before coming back to pick up the machete after demands from the witnesses.

Officer Wallace and Vaughn located the defendant, Richard Keller, at 507 Lucinda St. After an investigation, they located the machete allegedly belonging to the defendant in the incident.

“The defendant was read his Miranda Rights and admitted to the machete being the one that he had during the incident,” Vaughn said in the press release. “I showed the machete to the witnesses, who positively identified the machete as being the one that the defendant possessed.”

The release said the machete has a blade length of approximately 11.5 inches. Keller was subsequently charged with carrying weapons, an aggravated misdemeanor.

He was additionally charged with trespass, a simple misdemeanor. He had previously been served with a trespass notice for the property in June of 2017.

“The defendant did not threaten to or assault anyone with the machete during the incident that was reported,” the press release said.