The Dallas County Foundation, in conjunction with Grow Greene County Gaming Corporation, recently announced in a press release that $135,803 has been awarded to 27 Dallas County organizations for 2018 community betterment projects.

The Woodward Public Library received $10,531 through the 2018 Dallas County Foundation’s grant cycle.

Library Director Myrna Griffith said the funds will be used to make a number of updates at the library.

One of the updates will be to replace the library’s copier with one that can scan, copy both black and white and color items and fax.

A couple of the computers will also be updated. One of the computers to be replaced is at the front desk to check out items. The other computer that will be replaced is the catalogue. The computer will be replaced with a kiosk.

One of the other big updates includes rearranging the office area to add more storage.

“We just don’t have enough storage anywhere,” Griffith said.

She was happy to hear the amount awarded to the library through the Dallas County Foundation.

“It’s going to help a lot,” Griffith said.

A press release said the Dallas County Foundation received $41,802 this year from GGCGC. This is the third year for GGCGC to grant funds to county foundations immediately surrounding Greene County.

The next grant cycle will be announced in December 2018.

“It’s a great resource to turn to,” Griffith said of the Dallas County Foundation. “They’re able to provide a large amount of money for people.”