Kate Klimesh is about to celebrate her first month as the Administrator for the Rowley Masonic Community. Klimesh comes from a Spillville, Iowa, a town near the Decorah area and has enjoyed her time in Perry.

“I’m very familiar with this size of this town and I’m very comfortable here,” Klimesh said about her move to Perry. “Everybody has just been really, really nice and they’re just wonderful.”

Klimesh joined the Rowley Masonic team on Jan. 22 after moving to Perry with her husband, Michael on Jan. 19.

Previously, Klimesh worked in business development at Ase Haugen Senior Services in Decorah for 11 years, according her LinkedIn profile.

“As an Administrator of a long-term care facility, you are kind of in charge of marketing, you are in charge of compliance, and that’s corporate compliance as well as personnel,” Klimesh said. “You manage department heads, systems, processes, operations, and of course you try to build those relationships.”

“You do all of this and much, much more.”

She first heard about the Rowley Masonic opportunity through Continuum Health Care, a service that “works closely with long-term care associations,” their website details.

While Continuum is based in Nevada, Klimesh said they offer a variety of resources that are useful to the Masonic Home.

“They take expertise from many of their staff in the long-term care industry and pool those resources to better provide quality care at facilities really all across the state of Iowa,” Klimesh said.

According to Klimesh, Rowley in the past worked with Continuum through an informational level.

“Any questions that we have, whether it’s myself, or we have a question on policy, procedure, we can simply email or call the Continuum staff and they’ll know the answer,” Klimesh said. “So we kind of have this great toolbox of resources at our disposal.”

Klimesh said she is continuing to learn more every day, and hopes to increase staff further down the road.

“We do this so we can create the best possible home for our residents and the families we serve,” Klimesh said. “As with any transition, especially when you have a transition in leadership, we are looking for quality staff at Rowley, and we are always looking for good folks.”

To learn more about the Rowley Masonic Community, contact them at 515-465-5543.