Perry’s City Council focused on theme of improvement through the Monday, Feb. 5 session.

Maintenance work to the roof above the McCreary building will now be tended to, following the authorization approval of delegating local options sales tax to offset capital expenditures.

The council packet notes that as of June 30, 2017, “the City of Perry’s Local Option Sales Tax/Maintenance Fund had a balance from previous budget years in the amount of $440,775.” In addition, twenty percent of LOST funds are directed towards maintenance and repairs to city buildings.

Following the Council’s approval, the city will “allocate $200,000 from the LOST fund balance to cover the cost of capital expenditures in FY 2018 and 2019 including, but not limited to, repairs at the McCreary Community Building and a retaining wall/fence on the in-town Recreation Trail.”

“There’s a lot going on out at the Rec Center and we’re hoping to be able to get enough quotes that the cost goes down,” said City Administrator, Sven Peterson. “The roof quotes came in really good, but hopefully be able to be prudent with that money and do some more things in there.”

Peterson mentioned the Rec Center’s boilers as top priorities for additional improvement projects.

Parks and Recreation Director, John Anderson, spoke on behalf of the decision, following the council’s approval.

“It’s needed,” said Anderson. “It’s overdue and it will be money well spent.”

The city received a total of four bids for the McCreary building roof maintenance, all of which were due by 5 p.m. on Jan. 31.

The Council later approved the bid award to go to Central States Roofing, of Ames, in the amount of $73,393.55. According to Peterson, the quote will cover about half of the roof.

“They’ve done a lot of work for the City of Perry,” Peterson said about Central States Roofing. “They’re kind of our on-call roofing people if there’s issues.”

In the past, the McCreary Center’s roof had been patched up in sections.

“This will be brand new,” Peterson said about the roof.

The Council estimates around 15 years in warranty for the new roof, marking the second project involving a roof replacement for the McCreary Center.