Justin Dale Ray, sibling to deceased Sabrina Ray, will appear in trial in the next three months, according to Iowa Court documents. Ray withdrew his waiver of a speedy trial on Thursday, Feb. 1 and the trail must be scheduled within 90 days of that date.

Ray faces a series of charges following the discovery of deceased Sabrina Ray, 16, in May of 2017. Ray’s parents, Marc and Misty Ray, as well as Sabrina’s Grandmother, Carla Raye Bousman have also been charged in connection to her death.

According to the Dallas County court documents, Justin, between the dates of April 15 and May 1, “‘drop-kicked’ Sabrina Lynn Ray down the basement staircase, causing her to land on the basement floor. Sabrina Lynn Ray suffered serious injury and was unable to walk, talk, eat or drink in her normal fashion following the act.”

Ray faces the following charges: one count of child endangerment resulting in a serious injury, a Class C felony, one count of child endangerment resulting in bodily injury, a Class D felony, and two counts of willful injury causing bodily, a Class D felony.

Ray’s death was caused by severe malnutrition, according to her autopsy report, followed by a manner of death ruled as homicide.

Ray weighed fifty-six pounds during her passing.