The Dallas County Board of Supervisors met in its regular weekly meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 30 in Adel.

The Dallas County Motor Vehicle Department and drivers’ license station are currently operated by the Treasurer’s Office in a building that is leased by the County. That lease at the building at 918 Court Street in Adel is set to expire at the end of April and the building’s owner is interested in keeping the County on as tenants.

The owner of the building is Richard J. Bestik from Green Bay, Wisc., according to the Dallas County Assessor’s Office. Bestik presented the Board of Supervisors with three lease options:

Option 1: A 2-year deal with an option for a third year. The first year would cost $2,915 per month in rent, the second year would cost $2,979 per month, and the third would cost $3,042 per month.

Option 2: A 3-year deal with two 1-year options. The first year’s rent would be $2,852 per month, years two and three would cost $2,915 per month, year four would cost $2,979 per month and the fifth year would cost $3,042 per month.

Option 3: A 5-year deal with two 1-year options at the end. The first year’s rent would cost $2,788 per month, year two would cost $2,852 per month, year three would cost $2,915 per month, year four would cost $2,979 per month, year five would cost $3,042 per month, the sixth-year option would cost $3,105 per month and the seventh-year option would cost $3,169 per month.

Currently, the County pays $2,788 per month to rent the building.

Supervisor Kim Chapman, who has been in contact with Bestik said that the letter to the County also indicated that he would consider selling the building to the County if they had interest in that. He also said that Bestik was not interested in renewing on a 1-year deal.

Dallas County Treasurer, Mitch Hambleton was at the meeting and stated that Dallas County will continue to operate a Motor Vehicle Department and drivers’ licence station for the foreseeable future and does not intend to turn any of the services over to the Department of Transportation, even if they open a station on the west side of Polk County.

“It’s still important that we offer the good residents of the County the ability to get drivers’ licenses within their own County,” Hambleton said. “I don’t believe the DOT has any plans of opening any centers in Dallas County at this time, therefore, it would continue to be a County function of which we need space.”

Hambleton said that County’s drivers’ license station issued 115 licenses on Jan. 29 alone.

When considering a possible move for the Motor Vehicle Department and the drivers’ license station, Hambleton said it will take time for them to notify people that they are moving out and to update their official notices with a new address. He said that if they were to move they would still need to stay put past April 30, when the lease expires in order to make the necessary changes, even if they had a new space lined up.

The Board of Supervisors is going to take a week to weigh any other options they may have and discuss the lease renewal at the next meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 6.